Resident Services



Resident Services are available to assist residents connect with the services that they need.    

Housing Authority Community Events

The Resident Services staff assist the Resident Associations and/or residents plan events held on the properties that benefit the residents. 

Community Involvement

Works with individuals in the community to bring services, events, projects to the residents.

Garden Club

Works with residents to bring gardening to the properties. 

Resident Associations

Assists in forming resident associations and works with them to create a cohesive living environment.


Creates and distributes quarterly New London Housing Authority Newsletter.

Section 8

 If you are looking for Section 8/HSD: Housing subsidy program for low and very low income clients, please contact TVCCA/Thames Valley Council for Community Action, Inc at 860-425-6520 or 860-425-6575

Access to program is through the state wide waiting list only